I’m only going to say this once, so read it carefully.

Not everything is what is seems to be (at first sight).

Product(s) discussed here were purchased by myself (or received as gifts from friends or family, yay!), I don’t have any sponsors.

Moreover, English is not my mothers language. That said, I’m doing my best. Of course that will not be enough, my ramblings here will contain numerous grammatical errors, and other abominations. But consider yourself warned.

If you find my prose ludicrous, stop for a moment – and imagine yourself writing in a foreign language. If you are a kind soul you will have oversight, and think that at least the foreigner is trying. If you’re not a kind soul…well, that’s mostly your own problem.

I will not take any responsibility if I inflict upon you some ”grammatica horribilis” or some other ”sickness of the letter”, you continue to read at your own peril.

Thank you for being understanding, and whatnot.

P.S. or should it be declaim?